Flat Box 10"

Regular price €189,00

Flat boxes (also known as flat finishers) are designed to apply a smooth, evenly feathered finish on drywall flat seams and butt joints. The mud output is controlled by an easy adjustment dial to get just that perfect amount of mud coat. Flat boxes are controlled with various lengths of box braking handles for best results on different ceiling and wall heights. Available in 8" (20,3 cm), 10" (25,4 cm) and 12" (30,5 cm) sizes. Quick release door clips allow easy opening for cleanup. The flat finisher box is well suited to apply base coat or finish coat to drywall flat seams and corners. Smooth running aluminum wheels have O-ring tires for extra durability. Anodized marine quality aluminum is designed for many years of reliable use and long, corrosion-resistant lifespan.

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